About Us

Joshua Generation Kids Church was established in September 2003, founded by a group of passionate US and Australia graduate teachers who saw the need of an English Kids Service in Jakarta that caters to English-speaking children aged 4 - 11 years old. Together with a group of fun-loving volunteers, we organize exciting, fun-filled children church programmes and activities weekly.

Valuing children as heritage of the Lord, we believe each child is unique and has a special destiny in God. By nurturing the children according to God's word at an early age, we believe they will be rooted in His word to be mighty vessels in His hand.

We also partner with parents to help raising the next generation to become God and Christ-loving followers. We believe strong families are built from solid faith foundations.

Creative Teaching

With Joshua Generation Kids Church, learning God's word is a lot more fun and exciting. Realizing that the entertainment world has successfully drawn kids' attention in this modern era, JGKC empowers children to discover God's truth through creative teaching and state-of-the art technology.

Praise & Worship

Praise and Worship has been the DNA of our church since its inception. The Bible says God enthrones in the praise and worship of His people.

Hence, praising and worshipping are in the heart of every JG-ian! We would jump, dance, run, and skip wholeheartedly, giving our very best to the Lord for He delights in our praises and thanksgiving as we enter His courts. We would lift our hands, surrending all to the Almighty, for we know, in Him, we find rest. To praise and to worship is the lifestyle of every JGKC kid!

We aim at making our services dynamic, creative and impactful for the children every Sunday.

Adopting biblical resources from USA that are in line with our church vision, JGKC imparts in-depth know ledge of God and His principles to childre's lives.

  • Superbook
  • Disciplemaker
  • Kids in Ministry International (KIMI)
  • Gosple light

Bible Reading Club

The emergence of this Club originated from the earnest desires of JGKC teachers to get the kids in the habis of reading God's Word on a daily basis. As it is written, the Word of God is a lamp to our path. Therefore, let's instill the habit of reading the Bible in the hearts of our children so that they would not depart from the ways of our Lord.

Contact Person : Anna Mariana (081806744060)

Prayer Warrior

Consists of a team of children who is called to be intercessory prayers. This team is led by a mature intercessor who will teach them how to pray on behalf of others. Initially, they will be directed to pray for every Sundah church service in Joshua Generation. Once they have mastered the technique of intercession, they will advance to intercede for other major events and definitely for the nations. We believe in the power of prayers.

Contact Person : Tien Setiawati (0817177167)

Joshua Generation Kids Church has been organizing Children Ministry Conference called INDOFEST (Indonesian Festival of Puppetry and Arts) since 2003

The vision of INDOFEST is to equip children workers in Indonesia with various creative methods and approches to teaching young children. Every year we bring in trainers from USA, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore who are expert in the field of children ministry to share their experience and skills.

Apart from growing the children spiritually, JGKC also explores each child's talent and helps them to develop in the area of their interest such as : singing, dancing, puppetry and acting.

We provide weekly training for the kids and teach them how to use their gifts for the glory of His Kingdom. They are given the opportunity to serve in Sunday services or during church events with their God-given talents.

  • Junior Puppet Team
  • Christmas Choir
  • Singers
  • Dancers

Our Vision

"... They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor"

Weekly Message

  • Holy Spirit

  • The Generation of Jeremiah

  • Filtering Soldiers of the End Times

  • A Year of New Birth

  • The Most Wonderful Gift Ever


Parents Testimonial

JGKC is not only common sunday school for my daughter, Hannah and Joanna,

but a second home where they can grow in faith with God, to learn how to know and experience God's love and grace, to learn how to serve God and others, in real fun and creative ways, so they never get bored in JGKC, and of course it's because there are Godly, amazingly fun, energetic, creative and very caring people, leaders and teachers, brothers and sisters in JGKC. Keep up the fantastic works, JGKC!

Chandra & Juni
Hannah & Joanna


It's been 6 years since we came to GBI PRJ. We've been so blessed by this church. So happy that our kids also spiritually grow week by week.

All the teachers have been very helpful and dedicated. We can leave them in JGKC & JAM, without worrying that they'll look for us, because they've been taken care so well.

The teachers make sure that they're spiritually fed by God's word in such an exciting way. Our kids are so in love with every activity carried out in JGKC and in JAM, esp. the games and the praise & worship time.

Two thumbs up for the teachers. 

God bless JGKC & JAM,

Alexander & Priskila Valentina

Alexander & Priskila Valentina
Parents of Arlan (6) & Aileen (3)

No Coincedence

As I just came back after 12 years of study and working in Singapore, I was looking for a Children Church ministry.

And I found JGKC. My mom told me about JGKC, looking for English speaking volunteers.

I met Ci Tien (JGKC Coordinator) and was impressed with how she followed up on me. I started serving in JGKC and I can see the dedication of fellow teachers and leaders who provided training, ensuring that we have enough support to grow together.

Lesson plan was crafted in detail and whatsapp chat groups are created to discuss the delivery of the lesson. More than that, we rely on God's strength in our ministry, spending time in reading God's Word and bringing our prayers in Prayer Tower and Mercy Seat. It is my privilege and blessing to be a part of this JGKC Family.

And I believe God has an Amazing plan for His beloved children and JGKC.

Lianna Tirta The

Shalom to all. As a new member in this church, my family and i feel very blessed with the warm welcome and kind attention to make both our boys feel at home and loved. The teachers, have been very helpful to assure both my boys especially Aditya to be involved in church activities and grow in Christ. Thanks also for taking special care for my little Arya. We thank all the sunday school teachers and pray that God uses them mightily in nurturing the next generation of prayer warriors. Keep up the blessed work.

Mr. Nicholas & Mrs. Marsha Hira
Aditya (10) and Arya (4)

"Love at the first sight", that's the feeling that both of my daughters expressed when they attended JG at the first time around 6 years ago. They can feel God's presence and love the way God's words delivered in JGKC.

They enjoy the praise and worship, they love the drama and its messages, they love the bible stories through games, movies, and puppet shows, they love all the activiries delivered in JGKC. They have opportunities to serve God as singers and involve in bible camp too. Their characters, their mind, their behaviors are sharpened and get stronger according to God's word.

As parents, we are very proud and happy to see our children grow in Christ. Thanks to all JGKC teachers. God counts your efforts. God bless you all.

Mrs. Lina Sofiar
Eliana (13) & Sara (10)